How to Choose the Right Niche for You

Some people find this easy others really struggle with it. I will show you how to choose the right niche for you the easy way and to do it quickly without spending days thinking about it.

With the size of the online market measured in billions of daily visitors almost any niche will have an audience, you just have to follow a few basic steps to ensure you can make money from it.


Find your Niche the Easy Way

What are you Interested in or passionate about? This is where to start, this is how to choose the right niche for you. If you can answer that without much thought then you are there, you have done the job but not everyone can come up with something right away. If this is you, the next step is to make a list. Just brain storm the things you have an interest in even if it is just a vague interest. Remember, you do not have to be an expert in a subject to have an interest in it – you can learn as you go along.

Now that you have a list just pick the one that stands out or the one that you would enjoy learning about. Remember you will need to be engaged with the subject and want to talk about it. In practical terms this translates into being happy to write about it.

It is important not to choose too broad a niche. The more concentrated or refined you make it the easier it is to attract an audience. For instance if you decide that Pets is what interests you, that will cover not only a wide range of animals but also a range of activities. Even refining that to Dogs is still too broad. You might want to concentrate on Dog Food or Dog Training or narrow it down even further to Dog Food for Puppies or Raw Dog Food. You get the idea. However, don’t go to extremes as too narrow a niche might cut out a large element of your audience or limit your ability to monetise your website.


Understand your Audience – What do They Want

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When choosing a niche it is important to understand who your audience is and what they want. If you are really passionate about the niche you have chosen you are probably your own audience and therefore understand what they want. If it is a niche you have an interest in but don’t know much about then you need to do some research.

Google is the place to go to start this research and Google instant is a great way of finding out what people are looking for. For instance if you type Puppy Training into Google Instant this is what you get. You can then use these google suggestions to search further and read up on the things that engage puppy owners looking for advice on training. These results that come up on Google Instant are keywords – words that your audience are using to search for what they want. You can do the same type of research on Amazon to see what people are buying. In this way you can dig down into the needs and wants of your audience and really get to know them.


Keywords – Find the Right Ones

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Keywords are a simple concept to understand. These are the words that people use when they are searching for something online, so if you use them in the articles you post on your website, Google or other search engines will direct these searches to your website. The question is what are they, how many people are using them and what is the competition like. What you are looking for are keywords that have a decent amount of traffic but not too much competition. There are three types of keywords that you can use:

  1. Keywords that solve a problem like “How to …….”
  2. Buying keywords “Buy now” or “Purchase now” or reviews of products. People searching using these keywords are ready to purchase.
  3. Keywords where the searcher is looking to learn something.


How do you find Products to Promote

There are a number of ways you can find products to promote in your chosen niche. In the process of doing your research you probably came across some products especially if you looked at amazon to refine your research. Amazon has an affiliate program although at the moment it probably pays one of the lowest percentage commissions – around 3% or below.

There are numerous affiliate networks available to join. These are networks that merchants, suppliers and owners of products use to market their products to affiliate marketers to promote. The network deals with all the admin and collects the money splitting it between the owner and the affiliate. The commission paid to the affiliate can be quite high and is typically 50%. Clickbank is a well-known example of a network and it is easy (and free) to sign up to. They have a vast range of products and here is just an example of what is available. You can see all the categories down the left-hand side and a couple of examples in the Home and Garden category.

You can also join individual product affiliate programs. These are companies that run their own independent affiliate program and the commission can vary quite a bit. You can use google to find these programs by searching on “your niche + affiliate program” as shown here with baby clothes.


What next

So you have found your niche, researched it and got into the minds of your audience and understand what makes them tick and what they are looking for. You have also found some products to promote. Just a word of warning. If when going through this process you have some doubts about the niche you have chosen don’t worry about it – you don’t have to stick with this niche for ever – just keep going for the moment and take action. Action is what produces results.

The next step is to put all this together. Build trust with your audience by constructing a website and posting good quality content relating to you niche. Engage with your audience and gain their respect before trying to promote any product to them. If you want a helping hand to start you off have a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review. This is the program I used. Good luck.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and found it useful. If you have any comments please leave them below or if you have any feedback I would love to hear from you.

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