How to Earn Money in Affiliate Marketing

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Many commentators will talk about and emphasize the need to provide help and guidance to your audience and customers in affiliate marketing. This is certainly vital to your success but for most people the reason to start is to earn money in affiliate marketing.

In this article I will describe the basics of how to earn money in affiliate marketing. In subsequent articles I will go into more depth and discuss more advanced options. Here I will cover how to find a niche that suits you and how to choose a product to promote in that niche. I will talk about building a website and how to generate an email list.

Find a Niche

This is the starting point for beginners and experts alike. Find a subject or activity you are interested in or have a passion for. This will make it easier to write about and you will come across to your audience and potential customers as knowledgeable and helpful.

Just a quick word about a niche that you have a passion for. I have a friend who has a passion for Spitfires (WW2 fighter planes) and he makes and sells spitfire propellers. There are not many spitfires around these days and even fewer of them needing new propellers so the audience is very small. So just be careful of always following a passion. Having an interest in something is just as good especially if you choose the right niche.

There are certain niches that are always popular and have a large audience looking for help and products. These are the ones to tap into. Some of the bigger ones are as follows:

  1. Fitness, Health and Beauty
  2. Financial Trading (Stocks & Shares, Foreign Exchange etc)
  3. Internet Marketing
  4. Relationships and Dating
  5. Self Improvement
  6. Pets

All the above have large, evergreen audiences. Choose one you have an interest in and narrow down the subject. Each of the above niches are too broad so you need to pick a sub category. For example, if “pets” interest you perhaps you could write about training dogs especially if you have a dog of your own and have trained it. You can then go on to find and promote a product in this area which I will discuss later in this article.

If none of the above broad categories interests you, you can employ other research methods. To check out if your particular interest has a large enough audience run a search on google to see what the response is. You can also check out on an affiliate platform like Clickbank to see how many products are available in this niche.

Build a Website

A website is the foundation of starting to earn money in affiliate marketing. It is the base from which you can reach out to attract different sources of traffic.

There are many website builders around most of which include hosting. A quick search on Google will produce a list. Website beginners looking for a simple, attractive blog or basic site should look for a website builder with easy-to-use interface and well-designed templates. You should also look out for drag-and-drop features. These allow for quick and easy construction, without knowing any HMTL code at all.

The structure of a basic website or blog should contain as minimum an “about me” page, a page on privacy policy and the blog itself which contains the content in the form of regular articles about the niche with helpful tips and advice. Plenty of graphics and pictures help the page to look attractive. It is also useful to have plenty of headings and subheadings with short sentences to make the articles easy to read.

In order to earn money from your website you need to insert the affiliate link to the product you are promoting either in an article or in a banner or advert on your blog page (or both). You can earn money in affiliate marketing in different ways as follows:

  1. Pay per Click where you get a small payment each time someone clicks on the advert you have posted on your blog.
  2. Pay per Sale where the customer actually buys the product and you get paid commission.
  3. Pay per Lead where your visitor needs to leave their email address on a form linked to the product seller.

In order to maximize revenue it may be a good idea to use all three methods.

Generate an Email List.

There is a well-known phrase in internet marketing that “the money is in the list”. If you have an email list of people who have bought from you before and who trust you, they are more likely to buy from you again. So when you introduce a new product, you can email them the promotion.

One of the aspects of affiliate marketing is that the seller of the product has all the contact with the customer. So the seller deals with delivery of the product, any customer service issues or problems and organizing refunds. This is all good news for the affiliate marketer who just collects the commission. However, this also means that the seller has the contact details of the customer including email address and usually the affiliate marketer has no further contact with the customer.

On some affiliate platforms e.g. JVZoo it is possible to provide the customer with a free bonus that you as the affiliate have control over. This could be a free ebook about an aspect of the niche relating to the particular product or a physical product or free sample. The benefit of adding in this bonus as well as being a free extra for the customer is that they have to give you their email address and/or contact details in order to receive the bonus.

Another way of creating an email list is using a landing page where visitors to your website have to enter their email address to gain a free bonus – usually an ebook or other free report related to the subject of your website. You can then store these emails on an autoresponder and automate future email campaigns. The details of this will be a subject of a future article.

Chose a Product to Promote

Once you have chosen your niche and developed your website with a few articles of good quality content, picking a product to promote is relatively easy. There are various networks that list products to promote split into categories and sub categories or you can choose an individual product that you might come across that runs its own affiliate program. The easiest way to start however is with an affiliate network.

Something like clickbank which is free to join could be the place to begin looking. It is always advisable to buy the product yourself and try it out. There are a number of low quality products about which you need to avoid and the only way of checking is with personal experience. I have been caught out a few times by promoting a product I did not try out first.

Most sellers will produce banners and adverts that can be posted to you website. They often produce emails and suggested text to help promote their product. In clickbank the indicator to look for is gravity – anything over 30 indicates that it is selling well and is worth further investigation. However, new products will have a low gravity and should not be overlooked.

JVZoo is another network but it specializes in internet marketing. The commission tend to be quite high but you need to ask the sellers permission before they will allow you to sell their product. Many of them are looking for a track record in promoting products so it can be a chicken and egg situation.

What next

As you can see from this article, there is a significant amount of work trying to earn money in affiliate marketing. This work is ongoing especially producing good quality interesting content for your blog. You need to have the mindset to stick at it until you see income coming in.  If you would like further help look at me review of The Wealthy Affiliate program.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Best of luck on your journey.

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