The Commission Machine Review – The Easy Way to Start Affiliate Marketing

Product: The Commission Machine

Price: $47 one off payment

Seller: Michael Cheney

Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


The Commission Machine – Product Overview

What’s the worst thing about off the shelf Affiliate Marketing Systems? They are often complicated and unorganized. The Commission Machine is a straightforward, step by step process to get started as an affiliate marketer. The program is made up of 7 video modules each less than 30 minutes long except one of 46 minutes. Each video has face to face introduction from Michael Cheney, the author of the program, followed by a tutorial showing you how to complete each section.

The system takes you through the logical process, starting from researching what niche to pick and product to promote. The next step is to decide what angle to choose to promote the product. It goes on to show you how to develop the messages to promote your chosen product and finally how to deploy the whole all of this to gain customers.


How Easy is it to Use?

Michael Cheney’s videos are entertaining and easy to understand if a little over the top sometimes. He pulls no punches in making it clear what beginners in affiliate marketing have to do to get started. The positive aspect of this is that he is someone who has done it all before many times. He explains things using his own experiences and he is obviously an expert at what he does.

I found his presentation easy to follow and made my first sale using his system. For a one off payment for the complete course it was well worth the investment for me. The Commission Machine provides a relatively cheap and short course to get started on affiliate marketing.


Additional Add-Ons

Although The Commission Machine can be used as a standalone system that provides everything you need, Michael Cheney does offer additional products – some of which are quite expensive. In particular he offers a “Done for you” product where he and his organization will work with you to develop your own system for your particular niche. This is ideal for beginners who want a fast start and are prepared to pay for it. I did not take up this offer.

There are other products that he promotes that will help take you onto the next level but you certainly don’t need to buy them to make a start on affiliate marketing.


What’s the Verdict?

Although this course is not the complete answer it is a good way to start. You may find that once you are into the system of affiliate marketing there is more information that you want and more sophisticated programs that you need. However, I think that The Commission Machine is an excellent place to begin and at a very affordable price. I would therefore recommend it as a good buy.

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