Websites for Affiliate Marketing – Do You Need One?

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Websites come in all shapes and sizes and most businesses have one. This includes physical businesses i.e. those selling physical products as well as digital businesses. Many of the “bricks and mortar” organisations don’t make the best use of their website and treat it as a sideshow while others change and adapt as needs must.

The current situation with the Covid 19 virus has shown that those who can adapt to doing most of their business by website are likely to survive better than those who don’t. This article will attempt to show how a website for your affiliate marketing business can be a real benefit and dramatically increase your engagement with potential customers. I will also give some pointers about how to build a website and how to use it.

Websites for affiliate marketing – why you need one.

As I have said in previous articles, it is perfectly possible to run an affiliate marketing business without a website making use of social networks to promote your products. You can also join various forums and blogs to do the same. However, there is no doubt that having your own website or blog greatly enhances your ability to generate income from your promotions.

A well constructed website that includes quality content will encourage more engagement with potential customers. You have more opportunity to show visitors your knowledge of the niche you are promoting and to be seen as the “go to expert” in the field. This will also build your authority and increase the trust your visitors have in you. This in turn will result in more sales of your promoted products.

Another benefit of using a website is your ability to use it to collect your visitors’ email addresses and other contact details using a landing page option which I will cover in more detail later in the post.

How do you start creating websites for affiliate marketing

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Building a website is much easier now than it was a few years ago. There are a vast number of website builders ranging from free ones to highly sophisticated systems. The ultimate in cost is the option to engage a website designer to build one for you but I would suggest that this is not necessary when you are starting out and even when you are established many marketers would see it as an unnecessary expense.

There are three elements to creating a website:

  • Choosing a Domain name
  • Buying hosting for that domain, and
  • Building the website

The free website builders have all three elements often with restrictions such as the domain name prefixed with the name of the company. This does not look as professional as your own domain name but is perfectly adequate when starting up. Building the website is often drag and drop so there is no technical knowledge required. Many of the websites builders have numerous templates to enable you to choose one to suit your niche. They also have preset adverts for the host company that you can’t change or get rid of. This is how they pay for the free hosting.

With paid website builders you will need to pay for the domain name, which is a one-off payment. You will also need to pay for the hosting which is ongoing as long as you have the website. Again, the building is often drag and drop with numerous templates available. There is often greater freedom to design what you want and with this comes the need for training which many provide.

The best way to choose one to suit your needs is to google top 10 web builders and pick the one that matches your requirements and price. There is another option which I have not mentioned yet. This is to find an affiliate marketing training company which includes the website building process in its training. The cost is all in the monthly fee and you are learning as you create your website. The most prominent one is Wealthy Affiliate and there are other providers that offer a “done for you” service such as The Commission Machine.

Keywords and SEO and other jargon

The main aim of any websites for affiliate marketing is to attract visitors to the site. It is worth considering how people, looking for information or products in your niche, find your particular website. The vast majority of people use search engine software like Google, Bing and Yahoo, the most prominent one being Google. Therefore, it follows that you need to do everything you can to make sure your website is on the first couple of pages of Google and preferably at the top of page one.

So, how do you do that. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Keywords come in. Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into Google or Bing or Yahoo to find what they are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for “dog food for puppies”, when you start typing this in the Google suggests box this is what comes up. Google is suggesting various options for you. See the screenshot here.

What you need to find out is some of the more popular ones for your niche and the subjects you are writing about. Using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy or Soovle will help with this and give some idea of the frequency each keyword or phrase is used and the competition in the marketplace. You can use the example above to enter, for instance, “dog food for puppies with allergies” to find out how suitable it is to use in your post/article on your website.

What do you do with websites for affiliate marketing once you have one

Once you’ve got your website or blog what do you do with it? If you have posted good quality content that will be useful to those looking for information or products in your niche and you have picked some good keywords, your website will be ranked by google. This may take a bit of time so you need to be patient. Once it is ranked you will draw visitors to it organically. You can also provide links to your website on social media and other forums and blogs you use.

Using your website to grow an email list is a really good way to increase your visitor numbers (see my article on email marketing). With an email autoresponder you can message your list each time you create a new post and whenever you have a new product review or are promoting another product in your niche.

Of course, the most important role of your website from your point of view is to produce income. This is the whole point of the exercise. This should be done with care using reviews, pictures of products, adverts and banners, all with your affiliate link embedded.

What Next

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Your website will not be perfect – especially when you have just created it. Don’t worry about this, just get it out there and see what happens. You will probably want to amend and adjust it as you add new posts and as you learn more and gain more experience. The main thing is to take action – this is the only way you will see results.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any suggestions or questions please leave your comments below. We always enjoy hearing what other people think.

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